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Ms. Teacher Things - with tumbler


Product Description

Boxes are filled with 7 fun items (1) 6 foot Purple charging cord. (1) Balm Standard Chap stick – this rose petal and mint flavor is the BALM and perfect for the dry season coming up. (1) Melon Flavor Boom Boom all natural inhaler - Perfect boost of energy in between google meets. (1) Lavender Rejuvenating Spa Face Mask (1) 30 ounce RTIC water tumbler (1) 2 fun colored gel pens with two additional refills (1) Bottle of Trader Joe's grapefruit & lemon hand sanitizer Notes *Boxes will ship nationwide September 25th or within 48 hours after this date* ***MULTIPLE ADDRESS BOX ORDERS- PLACE ONE ORDER AT A TIME TO ENSURE PROPER ADDRESS DELIVERY***

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