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Ms. Teacher Things - with virtual mug


Product Description

Boxes are filled with 7 fun items (1) 6 foot Purple charging cord. (1) Balm Standard Chap stick – this rose petal and mint flavor is the BALM and perfect for the dry season coming up. (1) Melon Flavor Boom Boom all natural inhaler - Perfect boost of energy in between google meets. (1) Lavender Rejuvenating Spa Face Mask (1) 13 ounce cork board bottom ceramic coffee mug...the teacher has to speak, they can just hold the mug up to the camera (1) 2 fun colored gel pens with two additional refills (1) Bottle of Trader Joe's grapefruit & lemon hand sanitizer Notes *Boxes will ship nationwide September 25th or within 48 hours after this date* ***MULTIPLE ADDRESS BOX ORDERS- PLACE ONE ORDER AT A TIME TO ENSURE PROPER ADDRESS DELIVERY***

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